About Me

About Me

About Me

I’m a photographer and SCUBA instructor.

Originally from Wales (where i learned to dive) i left the country some time ago with the aim of moving somewhere with a better climate and weather! This was obviously a fairly easy task as just about everywhere on earth offers that.

Initially i worked as a SCUBA instructor in Greece before moving to better diving in the Egyptian Red Sea. After several years there the political unrest meant it was time for a move. I relocated to the Philippines and then to Indonesia. Following that was a 2.5 year move to the Caribbean although now im back in Asia and am currently working on liveaboards in Thailand.

For most of that time i was employed as a SCUBA diving instructor but also as a photographer when required. When not actually working my idea of fun diving involved going for a dive with a camera.
The last few seasons have seen a change of job and i am not employed purely as an underwater photographer so instruction has taken a back seat for the time being.

As well as teaching and taking photos im also a qualified technical diver with certifications in open circuit full trimix and normoxic trimix at rebreather level.

In addition to underwater photography i have and always have had a more general interest in photography and my job means im able to travel to plenty of destinations that provide good above-water photography options as well.

I generally love nature and outdoors so naturally enjoy landscape and wildlife photography. I’ve been lucky enough to visit many parts of the world from the dry deserts of Egypt to the tropical rainforests of Borneo and plenty of other places in-between.

Since the advent of small, portable drones i’ve also been able to diverge into aerial drone photography in many locations which gives a whole new perspective on the area.



In addition to the day job of liveaboard photography i also sell images and video on various media stock sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond 5 and others and am also able to sell images and video directly to buyers.



I also offer photography and underwater photography tuition for anyone that requires it.

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